Bye bye again.

I deactivated my Facebook again. This time simply because I find it too disturbing.

My life is much more peaceful without its presence.


The noisy vs the quiet

At one time, people may see me as a very cheerful bright girl. Saying nonsense stuffs, making stupid jokes non stop. Telling stories of this and that.

At some other time, I may just stay quiet. Not knowing what to say. Confused. Sometimes feeling tensed for no solid reasons to be one. Not laughing nor smiling. Smile la but most of the times it’s fake smile.

I hate the quiet side of me.

The quite side always come when I’m feeling uncomfortable with someone. I may seem friendly, good at making new friends. But I’m totally worst at coming close to someone. And I hate it . Hate it a lot.

If I rarely make fun of you. Teasing you. Telling u stories. Sorry, it simply means I’m not comfortable with you.

Mr pillow.

I think I may one day need to invest on expensive pillow. Getting headache each time waking up is not something to be happy about :S

Happy Tuesday.

P/s: Life without exam and studies is not really that fascinating when ur stranded alone in cardiff while the rest went out travelling… no money mah…


I called three mobile to cancel my insurance policy. Since it costs me £7 per month and I’m in the mission to cut down my expenses.

N then the lady on the phone suggested me not to since its rather expensive phone plus its a 24 month contract..  she talked bla bla bla..

N then I simply said.. Ohh ok then I listen to ur advice.


Dear tomorrow,

Esok. Paper last. I can’t be too happy coz somehow I got the feeling I may need to Resit some papers or luckily a paper. Ie if that the case, raya 2011 kat UK lah jawabnya..

Esok. Town!!

Esok. Spend time cooking wholeheartedly for friends.

Esok. Main games!!! Battlefield n the sims are waiting..  junsu musical dvd also!!! Pictionary nite!!

Esok. Reactivate Facebook? Hehe

The day after esok. Carboot!!!!!

Kesimpulannya.. esok sy keluar penjara.