indeed true.

Sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war

Donald Trump


He says.

It is not the beginning of microbiology, it is not even the end of microbiology. But perhaps, it is the end of the beginning of the beginning of microbiology.

Arwyn Jones/Winston Churchill

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superb young talents!!

Kang Reung Girl :

Talent isn’t something you use to make yourself happy – you really shine when you use that gift to make other people happy,

I don’t want to be a singer that only sparkles once on the Internet and disappears. I want to be a singer that is famous all around the world.

A song that lends people strength – i want to sing that kind of song.



Each one of you has something,

no one else has,

or has ever had :

Your fingerprints, your brain, your heart.

Be an individual, be unique,

stand out, make noise,

make someone notice.

That is the power of individuals.


~ Jon Bon Jovi ~

swEEty w0rds ~6~


i want to marry you because you are the first person that i want to look at when i wake up in the morning

and the only one i wanna kiss goodnight

because the first time that i saw these hands

i would not imagine not being able to hold them

but mainly, when you love someone as much as i love you

getting married is the only thing left to do

so will you..


marry me?


Definitely… Maybe..


=) v*peace*v

swEEty w0rds ~ 4 ~

you know, a good friend of mine once told me that,

just because people treat you like a villain or an ogre or just some losers,

it doesn’t mean you are one,

the thing that matters most, is what you think of yourself,

if there is something that you really want or someone you really want to be,

then, the only person standing in your way, is you,


Shrek III