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Laskar Pelangi

"Hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya, bukan untuk menerima sebanyak-banyaknya"

~ Laskar Pelangi ~

a must see movie..

if you like ‘cellular’ (2004), you wont be dissappointed with this one..




i’m not so good at describing a movie..

what can i say is..

the cinematography is super awesome,

the storyline is.. well.. its a remake..

the actions will trigger your adrenal glands for sure

you wouldn’t want to miss any minutes of it


do you trust me??




follow this  =) then.. 


Verses of loVe…

ayat-ayat cinta

ayat-ayat cinta

Howdy… i just watched ayat-ayat cinta the movie just now. ..hmm.. if i want to rate it..  i would give 4/5.

before i start elaborating more on the movie, i just want to say that… i like that guy!!!! most of all, his voice =) . i like man with such voice.. hehe..

one of the things that i find  completely irrelevant about the film is the background of the film itself. the location theme is cairo isnt, then why suddenly there’re so many people there who can speak indonesian.. is it coincidence? or is a place being primarily inhibited by indonesian community? or wut?? the nurse? the police? the ustaz?  the lawyer and even the court itself use indonesian language as the mean of communication.. durh…. im confused..

n another part is that when, Fahri and Maria got married, isnt maria still a christian at the moment? isnt she supposed to ‘mengucap’ first, is their marriage legal then? or is it allowed in Islam..? i mean in such condition where you dont have to ‘mengucap’ to indicate that you’re converting into islam. i dont know…

moving on to the next aspect, which is something controversial — polygamy. i used to ask around especially my siblings and my friends, whether, do they agree or can accept the concept of polygamy? if it happens to their relationship, will they be able to endure it? such Qs.. and most of the responds i recieved were sort of negative. most of them dont think that they are willing to share their love or their husband with another woman.

i see marriage as something being made from glass, fragile, something that easily breaks if we dont follow the manual instructions. polygamy is the same thing but a lot lot lot more attention have to be put and more precautions have to be adhered to. sincerely from deep into my heart, i have nothing againts polygamy IF only IF the husband knows exactly how to be fair to the wives and only IF the wives know or learn how to understand each side’s situation. when i look at Fahri,Aisyah and Maria together as a marriage “triples”. it feels so wonderful, if the husband and the two wives (or perhaps more.. hehe) are able to live together, on the position of a wife, you feel like you have the person who you love most + someone who can be your sister or perhaps your best friend. i really dont why but this is how i feel since i first learnt about polygamy in islamic studies in form 5.

anyway… the fact is.. it isnt easy as it seems like… once you fall in love with a person, all you want is you want him to be yours, fully yours…always be by yourside and not with some other girl.. only the right man + the right women can survive in this polygamy world. as in this ‘verses of love’, fahri learns to be a fair husband and aisyah as the first wife learns to accept the existance of another woman in her marriage and always reminding fahri to be fair and Maria learns to understand Aisyah’s position as the first wive and her feeling as well.

Fahri : i’ll go buy some food for you

Aisyah : buy for Maria as well

Fahri : i’ll buy for three of us

sweet..isnt? from my sincere point of view, the most fundamental thing in polygamy is understanding between each other. i do strongly belive that polygamy can be a wonderful thing only if it is done correctly ie follows all the instructions being written in the Quran and As-sunnah..

wut ever it is.. im not married yet hence not knowing how is it feel like having a guy in our life. maybe one day i’ll change my stand on this issue. who knows.. hmmm..

p/s : i guess i should add another target in my life — nikah!! =p