Fake smile.

I’m emotionally unhappy and all I can do is faking the smile.



I need to stop this self punishment thing.


Placement week.

Otw to gloucester at the moment. Missed the train this morning. All thanks to the broken ticket collection machine.

Bought another ticket on the train and it costed me almost doubled 😦 dah le Tgh tak de.duit ni….

Renting a room for £75 for a week. Travel for one week and only bring a bagpack Haha. Seriously, I’m proud of myself.

BTW exam result will be out in 3 days time… cuak dohh…

On it again.

One battle Down.

N again the battle was accompanied by massive headache and nausea.

So again.. im medically dependent. No time to play play with Mr. headache.

Maybe I should consider bringing meds to exam?

P/s : I’m ‘allergic’ to exam.

Not a good Monday.

Esok exam.

But today is total unproductive. Donno what’s wrong with me. Pagi tadi sakit kepala. Pastu makan ubat sebab nak study.. Pastu tetiba mengantuk n rasa tak sedap badan lepas makan ubat. Then tidur. Bangun Pon kepala dah ok. Tapi penyakit malas Datang.. Haih. Till now.

I could have had 7 hours of revision. But 7 hours had gone wasted.

This.is.no.good. 😦

Another pathetic day.


That ‘thing’ is what I cooked for breakfast

Tepung + salt + sugar + water + green colouring = lempeng  hijau yg entah apa apa yg melekat kat pan TT

There s nothing else to eat. No rice. No noodles. No bread . No veg. No egg. No onion. Nothing!  N I’m just too lazy to do Groc shopping.


I think i.

I think I made someone annoyed again.


Well judging from her expression… I’m pretty sure I did.

I hate myself being this way.
Keep making people annoyed by the way I behave n act.