vitamin C..

there were lots of things happened last 3 weeks.. i really really wanted to write everything down here, but then .. too lazy to do it.

seniors here are really nice. most of them know my situation here in cardiff esp with mi accommodation. and therefore they sometimes invite me to go to their house and spend a night there.. to be honest, for the first 3 weeks here in cardiff, ive been like ‘merempat’ at everybody’s house. haha.. even my flatmates sometimes asked, what you hvitamin-cave been up to?? haha

on the first day of lecture i did a stupid thing.. there was a group pre-reg pharmacist from Boots came and gave some talk about diseases and they also gave some goodies such as pen, vitamin C tablets, makeup products and some other stuffs..  i was like so excited to see that vitamin C since i was ill back then.. at first i was like kinda wierd to see why the tablets are so big. and plus since i was kinda hungry back then.. i ate one tablet.

then.. it tasted different.. really really weird.. like something was fizzing inside my mouth..  it hurt a bit.

and then i looked at the tablet bottle.. it says ‘effervescent’ meaning to say needed to be dissolved in a glass of water!! i was so stupid!!!!! no wonder the tablet was big.. i mean not as small as other normal tablets..

and just imagine, since it should be dissolved in a GLASS of WATER and yet i dissolved it with my saliva.. can u imagine that.. when i read that i still had some ‘undissolved’ vitamin C, and then tahan je la..

i guess at that moment my body was too concentrated with vitamin C and i even got headache right after that.. ahhaha

man.. i was soooo stupid.. ..

k. gtg no got workshop at 10am. sayonara!! *o*


*big grin*

another life mission accomplished!!!


i PASSED the driving test..



~ esok nak pegi buat lesen kereta .. hehe ~