Milky milk.

I never remember myself drinking a full or semi skimmed milk or of similar kind. Simply because I don’t drink milk but soy milk.

I’m breaking that habit slowly at the moment. Last week beli choc flavour semi skimmed milk mainly for 3 reasons.

1. Soy milk is roughly 30 pence more expensive than normal one.

2. Well.. It’s healthier?

3. I’m not a kid anymore. Should try to be more mature and try those food or drinks that I claimed I don’t like the taste in the first place.. But still… fish will always be in a no no list. Haha.

HappyWednesday. May god bless us all. May god bless my family. May god bless the baby girl who’s about to join the family pretty soon. May god bless my parents who are always there for me. And my siblings so always listen to my entah-apa-apa-ness. Haha and also my friends who never tired of listening to my everyday stories.



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