Raya in malaysia.

Ie I passed my exams. Alhamdulillah. Results not really that good.. but at least I passed. So

… No Need to Puasa in UK

… No need to change flight tic

… Budget now under control. It would have been messed up if I need to come back UK to Resit.

P/s. Im enjoying my placement so far.. 🙂 have done 3 so far but this is the best! Hehe.

Placement week.

Otw to gloucester at the moment. Missed the train this morning. All thanks to the broken ticket collection machine.

Bought another ticket on the train and it costed me almost doubled 😦 dah le Tgh tak de.duit ni….

Renting a room for £75 for a week. Travel for one week and only bring a bagpack Haha. Seriously, I’m proud of myself.

BTW exam result will be out in 3 days time… cuak dohh…